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Online 24/7 – Social Media addiction can be good for business.

January 31, 2020branding , Technology , Uncategorized

The kids of today are always on the internet, their hands fiddling and their heads bent down all day” complained the old lady on the train. “There’s no time for people and socializing in the real world anymore.” This struck something on my mind – “For a business, being online 24/7 isn’t bad after all.

With further more research, I am now able to justify my previous thoughts by one simple term – Social Media Marketing. Social Media marketing? In simple terms, it is the marketing of anything through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. with textual, pictorial and audio content. It is one of the most effective strategies of Digital marketing, coming right after Content Marketing.

Being addicted to the social media is frowned upon by our adults, in the real world. But little do they know that this can be really beneficial for business in various ways.

  1. Your customers know where to catch you.

Whilst we are busy developing our business and promoting our way of work all over, there needs to be some portal through our customers, existing and new, can get in touch with us.

  • We are where the majority of the world is

Marketing generally revolves around getting your idea to larger audiences, increasing the chances of your brand becoming the people’s brand. To get there, we need to first get to where all the people are. Makes sense?

  • A louder child gets the milk

The child that cries that gets the milk. But imagine a room full of children? The loudest among all the children gets more attention, and yes gets the milk first. Similarly, with creative posts on social media can amplify your post loud and clear to a wider audience – the milk is sales in this story.

  • Do what they like and they’ll reciprocate.

Traditional marketing are always notorious for being really intrusive. Imagine you’re watching a movie and the guy next to you is always trying to tell you about how good his lawnmower is? Social Media is liked by everyone – people would like everything that they buy or do to be on social media and, yes, they’d like products and services to be on social media too!

  • Dress to impress.

Social Media platforms these days have a larger scope for creative and appealing content than the others. Interesting people with interesting thoughts get interesting and great friends – This analogy in itself can show us wide and clear, how attracting the netizens of the social media world can garner more sales for your company.

If Social Media Marketing is an art, DigitalBizchanakya, a digital marketing agency in Chennai, is Picasso at it. This might be a cliché statement, but really, it is true – we are masters at what we do! Get in touch with Digital Bizchanakya for creative social media marketing solutions that fit all that your business needs.

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