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Domain Authority – Authority over Rankings

February 25, 2020Uncategorized

Imagine the internet as a school, and your websites as students. Like in any other schools, all the students take up a lot of exams, but only the student with the best marks or grades is ranked the top of the examination results (SERP’s). Such marks or a grade that are awarded to the website is called Domain Authority.

Domain Authority is a metric system that was introduced by Moz, a Software As A Service company (SaaS company) ranging from (0-100), and is awarded to websites as a measure of probability of being ranked among the top sites. To sum it all up, if your site doesn’t get a high Domain Authority or DA, it is less probable to land among the top ranked sites, whereas if your site does manage to get a good DA score, it is a contender. Since Web Development is an integral part of Digital Marketing Services, Digital Marketing Agencies always strive for high DA’s.

Now that the idea is established, let us look at the type of sites that would make it to the top of the Search Engine Ranking, with high DA’s.

  1. Sites with a large number of external links.

External links are hyperlinks that lead the user from one site to another. A site with a large number of hyperlink referrals in the form of external links is always likely to land a higher DA. For example, Wikipedia.

  • Sites with good Off Page SEO.

This is one of the most complex portions of SEO. Off page SEO ensures optimizing the page with better links. This can be achieved by means of natural linking and through other linking possibilities such as blogging etc. Doing so will result a strong link profile.

  • Sites with good on page SEO.

Optimizing the content on the page for the search engine, by making use of keywords, unique and relevant titling, appealing content etc. is called on page Search Engine Optimization.

  • Omnichannel websites

The internet today is accessed by a variety of people through a variety of ways – mobile phones, laptops, tablets, desktops, televisions- the list keeps growing by the day. Mobile phones are the most accessed channel to the internet currently. Optimized websites that give better UX in all channels are called Omnichannel websites.

  • Websites that load faster.

Today’s world is an impatient world. Everything that’s slow is looked over, and ignored. To be more relevant with the time, websites ought to be faster. Faster websites always garner a higher DA.

  • Websites that are more popular on the Social Media Platforms

Though this isn’t a direct factor, more popularity is always more traffic to the website. Websites that are popular in Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram tend to rank higher in SERP’s than the ones that aren’t.

The above-mentioned archetypes of websites all share one common trait – Being developed by a developer with immaculate patience. Nothing good in this world comes right away. Be patient, craft your website, and get authority over the Internet with a Higher Domain Authority.

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