Creative Content & Designs

Creativity in Marketing

Man, since inception has always been attracted to the visuals, for instance, Fire. It is the way that the fire looks and moves that attracts man rather than the heat or the light that it emits. This is one thing that hasn’t changed throughout the evolution of man – the attraction towards the visually appealing.

We at Bizchanakya, with not just Content Marketing but CREATIVE Content marketing, strongly affirm and believe that it is the content, the story, and the notion behind your business that will bring in more people. If your content lacks audience, your content lacks colour and the visuals that attract.

Search Engine Optimization

As the saying “SEO and Content are the best of friends” goes by, Content plays an extravagant role in Search Engine Optimization. To rank your website high up on the SERP’s you need to have quality visuals and content, laden with keywords and back links in the form of blogs, articles, documents, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a versatile entity – different channels serve for different demographies, different content, in the form of videos, posts, etc. Understanding our niche audience preference and the channel’s acceptance, various forms of creative content can be created and marketed to grow your brand.

A compelling UX

The main function of UX is to help a user achieve the goal that drives him/her to view over our content. The content, that’s provided, should be complementary to the goal of the user, allowing the audience to understand, rather than confuse with content that’s not well put together, and with CTA’s at apt places to seal the deal.

Want to appeal more? Appeal, Visually!